Anta’s new iron man series shoes are first sold out.

Co-branding with well-known IP is a major trend in brand innovation. As a leading brand in the domestic sports field, Anta has done a good job in this area and it is worth learning. On November 10th, the new Iron Man series shoes jointly launched by ANTA Sports and Marvel opened the offline sales in Anta Shanghai Yuyuan Store. Designer Xiao Xiao and artist Wang Zhiwei appeared at the sales conference to share the design ideas and original intentions. The limited-edition shoes are sold out within half an hour of sale, and the scene of the scene is hot.

It is reported that this series of shoes was officially unveiled in the “Marvel Inspiration Show” not long ago. The performance of the show was quite eye-catching. It was highly anticipated by Marvel fans. The limited sale was a big surprise for fans celebrity dresses.
Feelings on the feet, culture, the iron man does not say goodbye

The new Iron Man series shoes are designed by world-renowned industrial designer Shi Xiaotong, and combined with the popular artist Wang Zhiwei to transform the shoes into exclusive Iron Man helmets, which can be described as full of highlights.
Shi Xiaotong was the first Chinese designer to win the world’s top four design awards, Red Dot Design, IF Design, IDEA and G-mark Best100. He has a number of design and invention patents in technology, furniture and sports. There are outstanding design works in many fields such as fashion. At the scene of the sale, Shi Xiaoyu introduced the design inspiration of the new shoes of the Iron Man series, “Desperate” and “Reverse Attack”. In his opinion, Iron Man is a mortal hero, the most legendary of his story. It is the battle shirt that shows the superb future technology. This symbol of the core technology of Stark Industrial has become the inspiration for this design. The shaping of the sense of science and technology has not only been intuitively presented in the overall shoe type. In terms of performance, the Anta A-PROOO cushioning technology equipped with two pairs of shoes has a superior rebound and cushioning effect, which is enough to support the technical temperament of Iron Man. . From the visual language, the red, yellow and black classic color, the futuristic frame line, the energy ring element, the “I AM IRON MAN” detail on the strap, the “STARK” signature on the shoe body, every detail can be triggered by the fans. Emotional resonance. The naming of “desperate” and “reverse attack” also closely linked the fate of the Iron Man character to the shoes.

Another highlight of the sale was the artist Wang Zhiwei and his Iron Man helmet tailored for the shoe. Making the sneakers into masks is Wang Zhisheng’s unique artistic expression and his alternative interpretation of the trend culture. This time, he made Anta’s new Iron Man series shoes into a helmet. The highly restored appearance is ingeniously matched with the material of the sneakers. The bright eyes are even more stunning. This cross-border extension has made the Iron Man series shoes more sneaker culture.

Excellent design and innovative marketing have laid a good reputation for the new series of shoes. At the sales meeting, many senior Sneaker and Marvel fans have praised the new shoes that they have grabbed. It is understood that this Iron Man’s joint series not only has shoes, but also joint clothing. On the same day, at noon on the 10th, Olympic champion Zhang Jike appeared in the Iron Man series of war suits in Zhengzhou, and was warmly welcomed by fans.

The IP economy is in the limelight, but the famous products that are famous and wasteful of emotions abound. Really winning consumers’ love must be a good design with sincerity and temperature. IP emotions are just a stepping stone, and product quality is the last word. Whether it’s the 2018 Marvel Heroes theme color SEEED running shoes or the latest Iron Man series shoes, Anta is using the heart-warming design in exchange for the customer’s sincerity and desire to buy.

In recent years, Anta has been committed to shaping the young image of the brand. On the basis of deep insight into the needs of young consumers, it has increased design and R&D investment and technological innovation to enhance the quality and added value of the product itself. For this reason, in recent years, Anta has been able to break through the consumer’s previous brand impressions every time on the major stage, and the powder absorption capacity and reputation have risen. With the promotion of brand promotion, Anta’s status as a trend leader in the domestic sports field has become more and more stable.

The six-day couples are wearing lovers every day, and Xiu En love has also fallen back hundreds of thousands of fans. What a beautiful love?

Recently, Xiao Bian discovered a pair of 60-year-old couples, who show their love on the social platform every day, and show off, not only does not bother people, the “dog food” is even more enviable, what is this beautiful love ? Let’s take a look!

The number of paragraphs that they show love is something that ordinary people can’t do. Every time they wear a couple’s costumes, it seems like a couple who are in love. The love is not good. Everyday wears into a young man’s “couples to pack textbooks.”

The old couples have been working together for 39 years, and have stumbled over hundreds of thousands of fans on the social platform in Shanghai. Even newspapers, magazines, websites and other media have also rushed to report, Xiu En love show to this, it is absolutely unique celebrity dresses !

Grandpa’s nickname is bon, grandma is pon. When they are in college, they meet at an art school in Tokyo. After that, they meet each other and fall in love, becoming the most important person in each other’s life. “Going to the white head together” Not to talk about it.

The couple also published books, shared each other’s daily dress, and all kinds of warm little things in life. In just one year, the book has been printed four times. In order to thank the fans for their enthusiasm, they also held a signing ceremony.

Although the lovely couples are over 60 years old, the love of the two is not diminished. They will also choose clothes for each other every day, and match the dress that suits the day, and fill the plain days with a sense of ritual.

I have spent all kinds of festivals together, and even Halloween has not forgotten a couple to dress up, transforming into old urchins, and having a more ceremonial feeling than young people.

Christmas is also a very suitable match, Grandpa bon wearing a red plaid shirt with a green sweater, grandma pon wearing a red sweater with the same plaid shirt, Xiu En love show so serious, no one.

Every time I show the non-general matching skills, the dress is not heavy, the national wind sweater details are super love, the characteristics are still very versatile, not easy to make mistakes, there is no limit to age.

Go out to eat bowl noodles, but also couples, uniform white knit sweater, this bowl of “dog food” believe most people, eat willingly! Grandma Pon said: “When I was young, I was too embarrassed to wear a couple, but at this age, I don’t feel shy.”

The two also became a fashion icon, frequently in the magazine as a case, to teach you the matching skills, in addition to continue to share the wear on the Internet, they also have new plans: pon grandmother wants to try to open a cafe, and bon grandfather I want to learn how to make soba noodles from the ground up.

Today, wearing a “small melancholy”, French Woolgathering released the “Companion Girl” series!

Recently, the French clothing brand Woolgathering released a series of 2020 spring and summer series with the theme of “Companion Girl”, and listed in Paris and Shanghai at the same time, which attracted the eager attention of the fashion circles in the two places. This is also the first time that the famous Woolgathering in the Paris fashion industry has entered the Chinese mainland market.

The word Woolgathering comes from the British in the 16th century. The term itself refers to the collection of enough wool to weave a piece of clothing. By about 1550, woolgathering had more of a metaphor for “no purpose roaming.” Today, woolgathering has the meaning of “dream, roam, daydreaming” celebrity dresses .

It is reported that Woolgathering was founded in Paris in June 2019. As the carrier of the girl’s “emotion”, the original intention of the brand design is not to deliberately pursue the resonance or identity of others. Trying to help each person find their self-identity through long-term “companion” to accompany each girl’s growth process.
The Woolgatherhing 2020 Spring/Summer collection features top-quality Merino wool, fine wool and limited-edition cashmere. With a slightly “melancholy” color to subtly convey the girl’s unknown emotions, the design is designed to give care to the details, just like the 2020SS series of Merino wool knit bottoming shirt, the cuff design of the half-cut gloves throughout the series . Accompanied by the “hand”, giving “companion” and a self-protection desire in the details.

Woolgathering wants to give companionship in the details, protect you with a sensitive heart, and always try to “cross the border”. Zhou Wei, a cutting-edge fashion designer from Paris and a creator of the Woolgathering brand, pointed out that the 2020SS was inspired by the inner child of the girl and the “small emotions” that cannot be pondered. Joy, sadness, confusion, shame, imitation, arrogance, joy…Woolgathering to accompany you every moment. Such as the original strap-type three-dimensional cut cashmere vest, scarf and bra. The second layer of skin given by Woolgathering hopes to accompany the inner and outer appearance of the girl with the ultimate softness, free from restraint and restraint, so that she can wear it at will and show her personality.

“Jane”, not simple to simple power, rejuvenate! The 28th China Jeanswest Cup Casual Wear Design Competition ended successfully

On October 26th, the 28th China Jeanswest Cup Casual Wear Design Competition finals was unveiled at China International Fashion Week, which officially kicked off at the first workshop of Beijing 751D·PARK. The theme of this year’s competition is “Jane · Not Simple”, which aims to convey the long-lasting combination of the simple fashion trend and the new elements of the present, so that young designers can bring their creativity, culture and market to start a dialogue and discover themselves. Jane strength, rejuvenating wonderful!

The China Jeanswest Cup Casual Wear Design Competition was jointly sponsored by China Fashion Designers Association, China Garment Association and Jeanswest International (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., and co-organized by China Textile and Apparel Education Association, Hong Kong Fashion Designers Association and if Fashion. . The competition is optimized on the basis of the original competition, and the national elite colleges are invited to recommend the outstanding works in the school to strive to create more professional and higher-level clothing events. At the same time, we also hope to provide more platform for young designers to help grow, truly “blood-making” for the clothing industry and deliver fresh vitality celebrity dresses.

The organizing committee of the competition invited domestic and foreign famous fashion designers and fashion celebrities to form a gold jury. They are the winners of the Golden Top Awards, Wang Yutao, Liu Yong, Yan Gang, Zeng Fengfei, Chairman of the Hong Kong Fashion Designers Association, Yang Qibin, editor of if fashion. Yan Jiali, director of the product development department of Jeanswest brand, Huang Guodong. The jury adheres to the principle of fairness, impartiality and openness, pays attention to high quality, high efficiency and high level, and explores a new design star with professional and responsible attitude.

The game kicked off in an impromptu Rap Show, and the lyrics tell the story of the 27-year storm and the story of the original heart. With Rapper’s performance, 19 groups of players dressed in the latest series of Jeanswest 2019 winter clothing, the stage of the fashion week, opened the competition for the highest awards. In the 2019 autumn and winter brand show, Jeanswest brought two different performance styles, including adult, parent-child and Marvel series, to the audience, including “harmony and harmony” and “quiet”. The concept of “moving and moving” is fully explained, and it also shows the multi-facetedness and plasticity of Jeanswest. The brand show scene is decorated with changing colors and shapes, integrating stage art and fashion art, and pushing this art feast to the top.

After fierce competition, Xie Dongyang from the College of Art and Design of Guangzhou University won the Jeanswest Cup Gold Prize with a set of “Declaration”. He interprets the theme of “Jane·No Simple” from a unique perspective, applies it to clothing through street graffiti, and conveys the culture and humanity feelings of the clothing itself, expressing the “peace and love” of the younger generation, winning the praise of the jury. . This year’s participating designers pay more attention to the clothing design itself, and they are personally involved in fabric selection and production, car line cutting and decorative elements. They said after the game that the clothing industry needs the spirit of artisans, and the fashion and market also need to develop synergistically.

Since the founding of the China Jeanswest Cup Casual Wear Design Competition, the theme of the event has followed the trend of fashion, reaching the current aesthetic trend and providing fresh ideas to the industry. Jeanswest is constantly striving to create professional design competitions with the effect of “Zhengweisi Business Card”. At the same time, it is also striving to respond to the expectations of the industry, always insisting on reform and innovation, tapping the growth momentum, basing on the current market economic environment, changing and changing, trend and classic. Abandoning and persisting in the pursuit of the road to the true Weiss, the concept of brand “popular brand” is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and constantly promotes the rapid development of the domestic casual wear industry.

International fashion event airborne Macau Silk Road International Fashion Week opens

On November 6th, the 2019 Silk Road International Fashion Week kicked off in Macau, China. The opening ceremony was a gathering of stars and a group of people. The guests and representatives from the political, cultural and art circles, the financial industry, and the fashion industry attended the opening ceremony of the evening. There were also fashion buyers, professional audiences and media representatives. All of them were present and watched the opening show of “Silk Road Macao” by famous designer Hu Sheguang.

At the opening ceremony, Wang Haotian, executive vice chairman and secretary general of Zhongguancun Global Fashion Creative Industry Alliance and chairman of Silk Road International Fashion Week, delivered an opening speech on behalf of the organizing committee. He first expressed his sincere gratitude to the guests and the support of the Macao Cultural Industry Fund. He said that Macao is a city with an internationalized pattern. It is very inclusive and open to culture and has a moisturizing effect on art and fashion creators. Soil, I hope that the Silk Road International Fashion Week in Macao can better spread the concept of global art exchange. Taking the Silk Road International Fashion Week as a platform, it will promote the fashion and creative industries in Macau. At the same time, international fashion, international exchange and cross-border presentation can promote the interaction and development of global fashion celebrity dresses .

As the intersection of the Oriental Pearl on the Silk Road and the Eurasian civilization, the Macao SAR has a unique historical and cultural advantage. This year’s Silk Road International Fashion Week is based on the slogan “20 years, Macau is youthful!”, taking the opportunity of Macao’s return to the motherland for 20 years, through the Silk Road International Fashion Week in Macao, building the feelings of Macao and the mainland. The bridge will bring more fashion atmosphere and content to Macao, promote the development of Macao’s fashion and creative industries, and spread the fashion culture charm of Macao to the world, build a new platform for Macao and international fashion industry exchanges, and open up the emerging economy of Macao’s fashion industry. Inject new vitality into the Macau fashion industry. The development of the Macao Station of the Silk Road International Fashion Week has further deepened the influence of the Macao fashion industry at home and abroad, and has greatly promoted the deep development and all-round integration of Chinese and foreign fashion industries and related industries.

Silk Road International Fashion Week is a global walking fashion week featuring the Silk Road and not named after the country or city. It aims to promote the cultural and artistic heritage and fashion creative industry development along the Silk Road countries and regions. · Cross-border presentation is the theme, advocating the craftsmanship in the fashion field and creating a development platform for cross-border cooperation. The Silk Road International Fashion Week was held in Chongqing and Xi’an, China. In 2019, it was used as an international art fund communication and promotion project. It went to Mongolia, Russia and Italy to conduct overseas exhibitions, leading outstanding works to the world stage and presenting to the international community. The power and charm of Chinese culture.

2019 Silk Road International Fashion Week is hosted by the Macao Fashion Industry Association, co-hosted by Zhongguancun Global Fashion Creative Industry Alliance, Film Creation Society and FDC Fabric Library; co-organized by the Cultural Industry Fund of the Macao Special Administrative Region Government; Co., Ltd. undertakes; Asia Fashion Institute as an academic support organization; Asian Idol Academy as a designated aesthetic education institution; strategic partnership with Xinyi Film Exchange; Australian Motion Communication as a designated media partner; Air Macau as a designated aviation partner. And it has received strong support from Netease Macao, China Net, Zanjiao Live, Sun Catering Group Co., Ltd., Asia (Macau) Hair Salon Association, Maria Professional Beauty Center and other institutions.

From November 6th to 10th, the 2019 Silk Road International Fashion Week will start a five-day grand show from China, Singapore, Germany, Denmark, Poland, Thailand, South Korea, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and other countries. Nearly 100 fashion designers and models from the region will bring the latest fashion releases and interpretations. The AMHSA Association Inauguration Celebration and the Australia! MV Awards Ceremony will also be held during the Fashion Week. On the last day of Fashion Week, the Asian Idol Talent Competition Finals, the Asian Super Model Contest Finals, and the Silk Road International Fashion Festival and Fashion Artisan-Golden Awards Ceremony will also be strong, adding a touch of vitality and excitement to Fashion Week. The scenery brought a “fashion storm” to Macau.

Bringing together global innovation forces to lead the trend of the times. The Silk Road International Fashion Week invites outstanding designers and fashion creators from all over the world to participate in the creation and release, to cooperate with the media at home and abroad, and to bring together fashionistas and art masters as fashion observers to participate in the interaction and awards. At that time, after the selection, 2019 Silk Road International Fashion Week will be the winners of the fashion awards, fashion models, fashion models, fashion videos, fashion directors and other awards for designers and fashionistas who participated in the Fashion Week. .
As a cross-border art exhibition platform for walking around the world, Silk Road International Fashion Week is a release window for culture, art, design and creativity. It is hoped that in this way, China’s excellent culture will be carried out and the world’s advanced trend will be brought back.

How to match a boy’s sweater with a good look

How do boys’ sweaters look good? In the autumn, sweaters are a very versatile piece. Whether it’s a hood style or a cardigan style, it’s especially popular. For boys, choose in the fall. What kind of sweater is more handsome?

Men’s sweater style

The sweater’s chest is printed with the INS super-fired pixel girl shape, which can better draw closer to the fashion trend, and the pixel girl’s print is more cute and cute. The cute and cute print style is a wonderful memory of our childhood. The sleeves on the face have a contrasting letter print, which makes the sweater more fashionable. Play the role of age reduction celebrity dresses.

When the bustling fades, everything in the winter will return to calm, and the T-shirts designed repeatedly will be replaced by sweaters with heavy feelings. The high collar replaces the round neck and has a sense of maturity and elegance. The soft, indifferent gray camel is rendered in it, and the elegant shades have such a large temperature that there is no such time in the hustle and bustle. The gentle and elegant image of the man is coming out.

The collision of light red and dark black is more suitable for the current festive atmosphere. This color stitching design is also in line with the man’s breath, highlighting the youthful and energetic style. In the collar, the classic V-neck design is used, which can easily show a good fashion sense, easy to breathe, and the loose V-neck is also very comfortable to wear. At first glance, it looks very warm, combined with the support of wool yarn, the overall shape has a certain shape, and the upper body is comfortable and sculpt.

How to wear a boy’s knit cardigan?
Pair 1: Knit Cardigan + Tights
Classic black and white, wearing a pure white bottoming shirt, with a pair of black tight-fitting pants underneath, simple and durable, and then take a dark gray cardigan sweater, the fit version perfectly shows the shoulder silhouette of the boy. Let the boys look erect and shape, plus the decoration of the sunglasses, invisibly add a sense of domineering!

Match 2: Knit Cardigan + Casual Pants

Compared with a costume match of the literary fan, the grass-green knit cardigan is fresh and pure, with a light blue shirt inside, which is full of college atmosphere and also shows the youthful sunshine side of the boys. Bottoms and collocations choose a loose casual trousers, making the whole look more accessible.

Match 3: Knit Cardigan + Jeans

Boys seem to prefer black and white gray color matching, just like the boys’ clothes. With a high-necked white T-shirt as the base, and a black knit cardigan on the outside, it looks generous and refreshing. Next, it is paired with a pair of gray jeans. The tight design shows the boys’ legs as long and straight. A handsome fashion guy.

Match 4: Knit Cardigan + White Shirt

Is the ideal gentleman of the sisters like this? Wearing a white shirt and wearing a blue tie, showing a business-type male model, wearing a brown-brown knit sweater outside, all the buttons on the line and showing the boys Strict and serious side. Wear a pair of sunglasses on the handsome face, adding a sense of mystery and more graceful!

Match 5: Knit Cardigan + Turtleneck Sweater (China Fashion Network)

Boys usually give a feeling of masculine man, and it looks gentle and elegant. Wearing a pink turtleneck sweater, although it is pink, it does not give a sense of femininity. Outside, take a deep gray-gray knit cardigan. The medium-length version is slim and slim. Underneath is paired with a pair of jeans. The temperament is overflowing instantly.

Match 6: Knit Cardigan + White T-Shirt

A boy who wants to appear to be handsome, in addition to his own cultivation temperament, but also rely on the matching of clothing to set off. The boy’s dark blue knit cardigan is classic and versatile. The dark blue color gives a sense of calmness. Inside, a white T-shirt is worn, and it looks like a bangs haircut. It seems to have an aristocratic temperament.

Miki’s fall and winter wear is coming! Each set can be copied, just like this!

Today, I recommend a fashion blogger named Miki. As a standard Asian woman, her body is not very good, and her appearance is not too beautiful, but her wear will always make you admire.

Miki bloggers have 800,000 fans on Weibo. Usually, she will share her tips on Weibo, and use the body and looks of ordinary Asian women to interpret temperamental wear, each of her sets. You can copy it when you wear it. There is no way to wear it!

The recent weather is getting colder and colder, but girls’ papers always have a beautiful heart. How do you wear them to be versatile? Let’s learn to wear this Miki blogger together!

This set has a more literary style, and it is very temperamental to put together very common items. The blue thin bottoming shirt gives a very alienated and cool temperament, and it also has an elegant feeling. The outside is made with a dark green sweater cardigan, giving people a similar color, and the contrast of the color gives a very harmonious feeling celebrity dresses.

Windbreaker with skirt, British style and advanced! The long windbreaker can make our body look more slender, and for some professional women, such a windbreaker can create a certain atmosphere for them, making the whole person look more elegant and elegant. .

The lavender sweater is fashionable and retro. It is a set that can be directly out of the street after exercise. It is necessary to wear the taste or the details. The sunglasses of Miki make her fashionable and use a hat to show her elegance. Make ordinary sweater look more temperament.

The dark green suit sets off the white skin and looks good. The upper body has a loose design with a light-colored lining that looks mature and sophisticated. Especially the two rows of buttons, the layering is very good. The suit trousers are designed with a high waist and can also increase the proportion of the body, revealing a pair of long legs.

The white shirt is covered with a black V-neck sweater. The stacking method like this will make her look more layered, and the hat will have a new height, and it will be warmer. The focus is on the simplicity of the comparison. Very suitable for professional women.

A yellow sweater that not only keeps warm, but also has a slim fit. It is fitted with a white high-neck lining, and the shorts below, the colors echo each other, and the fashion sense is very good. The pendulum is inserted into the right side of the shorts and has a high effect. White shorts, revealing slender calves, look very tall.

The black windbreaker with the chiffon texture of the zebra skirt, the road is particularly elegant, fluttering, the waist also deliberately tied a belt, not only has the effect of decoration, but also highlights the figure.

Mrs. Bao | It was brought to the fire by Tmall’s brother Li Jiaqi.

A few days ago, Li Jiaqi recommended a limited-price half-price Disney Strawberry Bear bag. The 10,000-piece inventory instantly grabbed 9000+. The package was too curious to go into the Disney flagship store and saw that in addition to this bag, Many other packages have been shown to have been removed. For example, this Zheng Yunlong joint-name Mickey backpack has not been grabbed by my colleague, listening to her has been mourning in her ear.

Look at these days of airport look, Wu Hao, Ouyang Nana, Song Zuer, Zhang Jia Ni and other beautiful sisters have also put on the cartoon bag, fashion airport style has since become a cartoon package show

By the way, there is also the love of the flower man and the cartoon bag. It has always been the level of the big devil. This bag is almost always on the body. I don’t know why I love it so much. Students who know the reason can come to the science.

But holding the idea that I am a fashionista, I must understand fashion trends. Bao Tai still went to search for interesting brands of various brands, and found that these bags are really magical, and they feel strong on their backs. Young ten years old… So today I will share these long grass bags for everyone. Our slogan is: Money can not be earned together! But you must spend it together celebrity dresses!

Cartoon style

One of the most striking categories of cartoon bags is that the package itself is an exaggerated and unique shape, such as the shape of animals, plants, cartoon characters. Its advantages are eye-catching! The disadvantage is that it is too eye-catching, it is easy to grab the limelight of others! This type of bag is also the most fashionable in the cartoon bag, usually high luxury brands and street fashion will have this design ~

 The seemingly cool fashion designers actually have a hidden childlike heart. You can see all kinds of “animals” on the big show of THROM BROWNE, LOEWE, GUCCI, etc. Let us look at these together. What do rare animals look like~

Good things recommended


THROM BROWNE’s DOG package is too classic! If MONEY is in place, you must buy one. It is not only suitable for daily life and travel, but also can be used as a decoration at home!

In fact, the capacity of this bag is still very large, it is absolutely no problem to put a carry-on item normally, as if their inner OS: we are not a dog with a virtual table~
This bow with a bow is more chic, but the price is also a bow tie!

If you don’t like the black model, pink gold can also be considered. These are currently available directly on the shopping site, without looking for a purchase.


MAISON SAHA’s little bear bag is a geometric shape, and its shoulder straps and accessories can be easily matched. It can be said to be very flexible.


In fact, the shape of the cartoon package is not necessarily all animals, and sometimes the shape of the daily necessities like a milk box is a bit cute.

Compared with the cartoon style, the cartoon style is not so exaggerated, but the color is bright, which is more suitable for ordinary people to control. Generally speaking, friends gathering, going out for a trip, and participating in activities can carry a unique and unique cartoon cartoon bag!

The color of the printed cartoon bag is usually very rich, so it is best not to be too fancy with the clothes, simple and plain color, you must believe that your bag has enough skill to flash the audience!

Good things recommended


When it comes to printing cartoon bags, one brand that must be mentioned is the OLYMPIA LE-TAM clutch! Because the cartoon print of this brand is really a niche and good-looking!

OLYMPIA LE-TAM Book Style Clutch Bag RMB 11246

 Some styles can also be slanted, as long as you are willing to choose carefully, you can choose your favorite color!


The style of MOSCHINO has always been energetic. The brand itself has a lot of cartoon characters, and it also makes some exclusive print designs according to regions and festivals! For example, this backpack is an exclusive style designed according to the Chinese Year of the Pig!

  1. Anya Hindmarch

 Anya Hindmarch’s bag that brings together cartoon icons can be said to be very iconic, and foreign fashion bloggers are almost one person. Therefore, compared to the TOP model, the package is too much to recommend some simple styles of the niche, such as this pink big-eyed style, it is more suitable for you these lovely girls…

There is also this black plush handbag, and the white-eyed expression is really my heart! And compared to other styles, it is not so fancy, slightly low-key and fashionable.

 Among all the cartoon bags, the fastest thing is the toy cartoon bag. As the name suggests, this bag is just like your portable toy. It is exaggerated and eye-catching but the utility is relatively low, and more is to play the role of decoration. The aforementioned Wu Hao and Ouyang Nana are all in this style. Overall, the fashion of this bag is not high, but it can be used as a cute cute dress!

Good things recommended

 Compared to the pure plush material, the bag feels that the bag with a little PU material will not be so naive, and the design of this bag is really cute to the girl’s heart, and it is like holding a little squirrel on the body. same!

Mr. Mickey must have debuted in the Disney team in the C team, carrying a cute Mickey doll, a warrior from the fairy tale world!

 In addition to the Mickey family, the popularity of Donald Duck is also closely followed. These two dolls are especially attractive to girls. Don’t ask why, it’s because of a dog, it’s hard to resist!

In fact, many fashionistas now buy children’s bags directly, because the style is unique and does not hit the bag, the most important thing is that it is much cheaper than the adult style! Being on the body as a mini bag will also look very fashionable.

Parcz_Tsai Ballsea 2020 Spring/Summer Fashion Release – NO MORE BLUE

Parcz_Tsai Balls 2020 Spring and Summer The NO MORE BLUE collection is inspired by the ocean. Designer Cai Zhou comprehensively analyzes and interprets people’s impressions of the ocean and various kinds of creatures and things related to the sea. From the soft color and light texture to the cumbersome and heavy-duty work, the whole series can feel the deconstruction that the designer has always been good at, and it is more and more free to switch between classics and innovations. At the same time, designer Cai Zhou also hopes to integrate the “golden value” of the design with the “green value” of environmental protection through this conference to appeal to everyone to protect the environment. “NO MORE BLUE” is not only a title, but also a designer who hopes to influence the contemporary people on a spiritual level.

Along with the drums of music, the models dressed in hair and dressed in a new series sneak out to the best of the 2020 spring and summer women. In the Spring/Summer 2020 collection, Parcz_Tsai has redefined the fashion and the dress itself, continuing the brand’s unique style through two series of high-end ready-to-wear and haute couture. The highlights of the show are one after another, bringing a full of surprises celebrity dresses.

Semi-perspective gauze elements are springing up on the catwalk, bringing feminine beauty and supreme sensuality. It’s elegant and calm, and it’s easy to control and stun the red carpet. It’s a life but not mediocrity. Beauty has its own advantages and uniqueness; unique and innovative artistic tailoring has also appeared in the design. On the romantic lace fabric, the fish scale mechanism fabric and the new technology fashion fabric filled with metal texture, the garment exudes elegant and high-grade luster. .
On the show floor, the most intuitive pearls, shells and beaded decorative elements based on marine life are added to the theme of the season, adding a touch of decoration to the original simple and refreshing, but there is no tiring feeling until the end of the season. The jewelry is also one of the most interesting things: headwear, earrings, glasses, necklaces and other items also have a delicate use of the marine elements, creating a spring and also bring the pioneering fun exploration without losing the artistry.

Under the soft and sleek blazer, the designer reveals the research and excellence of French three-dimensional cutting skills. Reinventing the perfect curve of women’s design, without losing the artistic beauty, blurring the boundaries between daily life and banquet; the high-sleek and light texture provides a comfortable choice for the outer wear and the inner set, walking along the way to swing with the wind The body reveals the most subtle sexy genes of women. Even if youth is a dream, who is not willing to sleep? A variety of texture suits suitable for commuting have both styling. The presentation of different fabrics and the precise design of the details add a feminine and fashionable feel to the dignified suit. Since then, elite girls are no longer just capable, but also have fashionable faces; heavyweight dresses are also part of the season that will not be absent. This season’s heavyweight dress is still very Parcz_Tsai. It is very pioneering and pioneering, especially the artistic cut and color matching, which is very amazing.
In the fashion world of Parcz_Tsai, it is rare to see sudden and uncontrollable, and it is full of refreshing beauty. The style of fashion that is full of real wear and feminism and artistic exploration is a self-contained style that conveys the “new classic” fashion aesthetics and “new elegance” style insights. The founder of the brand, Cai Zhou, has never stopped on the road to the ultimate aesthetic of fashion.

Designer Q&A:

Q: What are the fresh styles of Parcz_Tsai’s 2020 Spring/Summer collection?

A: Parcz_Tsai Ballseye focuses on redefining fashion and dress itself. In the age of the Internet, every woman should be her own idol. This needs to be projected by each individual’s self-personality. The 2020 Spring/Summer collection meets this need of contemporary women and satisfies our continued pursuit of “fashionism” and “feminism” styles.

Q: The current popular entertainment trend is popular, how do fashion designers combine artistic concepts with current fashion trends?

A: Fashion design is a fusion of business and art, both of which are indispensable. Good fashion designers can find a free zone to explore the two. The more they understand the needs of humanity, the more exaggerated artistic attempts can be made. The fashion trend is only the representational behavior, and its core should still have the spirit of exploration.

Q: How do designers choose the design inspiration for each season?

A: Everything you see in life can be inspiration.

Q: What is the working status of the designer?

A: Race against the season and race against time. Fashion design is not a relaxed industry, it requires sensitive brain movements to maintain the high vitality of thinking.

Q: In your opinion, what kind of person did you design when you made it?

A: The designer is a profession that cares about the beauty ratio of one inch and one inch. It is especially important to create “beauty” products, vision and experience. I often ask for the quality of each product in each season from the most discerning customer perspective. Because in the process of series development, the more thorns you pick, the more problems you end up solving for your customers. For those who create “beauty” and standards, it is my principle to do everything possible. “Do-it-yourself” is something I can’t accept. There is never a “good-looking” product or brand in the world.

Emini: I never thought that Gao Ding could be approachable.

Speaking of Gao Ding, everyone is yearning for. Gao Ding is the abbreviation of Haute Couture. The word Haute Couture comes from the famous Parisian designer Charles Frederic Worth who made Haute Couture in 1858. From ancient times to today, Gao Ding symbolizes the craftsmanship of generations of craftsmen, and is the highest state of fashion.

The light luxury handbag brand Emini makes Gao Ding no longer out of reach, and the French designer DANIEL FARET presents the art of leather bags, and the design of a number of high-fixed hand-stitched bags is exquisite and elegant. Highly charming celebrity dresses.

Inheriting the spirit of European craftsmen and demonstrating the master style

DANIEL FARET was born in France’s famous textile and clothing family. Together with Paul Smith and Armani, he is also known as “the three masters of fabrics in European designers” and has worked closely with ARMANI, VERSACE and KENZO. DANIEL FARET has always adhered to the “artisan spirit” passed down by European craftsmen and craftsmen, creating a series of simple and exquisite works.

This time, Emini and DANIEL FARET teamed up to design a high-profile handbag for their Chinese girls. In order to better let the designers understand the aesthetics and ideas of Chinese girls, four Emini loyal customers (rice noodles) were invited to experience the Emini brand culture.
Breakthrough thoughts and artistic inspiration are spurred by the communication of words and the collision of thoughts. Gao Ding is presented in a way that is accessible to all of us. The stitching of a needle and a line, the design style of the master style, and the selection of the finest materials, are destined to be simple, elegant, refined and noble.

Awakening of quality consumption consciousness

Raf Simons, a former director of Dior’s design, once commented on Gao Ding: it is a collection of superb skills that only the wearer knows.

In fact, in recent years, the retail industry has been able to deeply feel the awakening of consumer quality awareness, and the consumer market has also changed with the consumption upgrade based on quality appeal. More and more consumers are paying attention to quality and individuality.

Emini found that consumers are no longer only satisfied with the international trend of colors and styles. More attention is paid to craftsmanship and craftsmanship. The high quality and the extravagant price have become the preference of more Chinese women.

Emini has always been adhering to the concept of craftsmanship, providing consumers with original quality handbags of the highest quality, and lightening the gentle posture of modern women.